Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Home Addition - Yankee Summer Scents

Now I know its not summer yet, however I'm ready to be done with the Winter scents in my house and introduce some Summer scents.
I do adore the Yankee winter scents such as Home Sweet Home or Kitchen Spice (these are my comforts smells for the winter). But right now I am loving the change of weather and ready to not only introduce that into my wardrobe, but also my home!
I have bragged about Yankee Direct in previous posts Click Here, and absolutely love their service, product and pricing.
OK so enough of my rambling time to tell you about my purchases . . .

I always buy at least one large candle jar, they last for ages, and keep their scent. I also, like most smart people like a bargain so always try to buy the 'Fragrances of The Month'. Reason being . . . they usually have a whopping 25% discount.
This month I decided to to a little traditional and go for Lilac Blossoms for my bedroom and Vanilla Lime for the Living room. Vanilla Lime is a new scent and smells so yummy! So I highly recommend this one.
I cant get enough of my Tart Burner, it is a great way to test out new scents without spending a great deal of cash. Over at Yankee Direct they have fantastic deals with their tarts, such as 25% discount for 'Fragrances of The Month' meaning each tart can cost as little as 90p. Also when you buy eight tarts you can choose another two for FREE!
Now I'm not going to lie, I did buy one or two winter scents for those cold nights. But mostly stuck to my fresh summer scents!
Also guys one last little thing about Yankee Direct the more you spend the more freebies you get, they also have a loyalty sceme where you collect points to spend on future purchases.


  1. TOTALLY ready for summer to be here!

    I'm obsessed with yankee, got them all over my bedroom! xx

  2. Love yankee cndles, these look so lovely! x

  3. Ooo I didn't know they had a loyalty scheme! Love this post, love Yankee!

    Would love you to check me out on barbieandpie.blogspot.com