Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The clear clutch

It's popping up everywhere and I couldn't help but fall in with it . . . The transparent clutch bag.

I even managed to track one down for myself from Esty Now if I'm being completely honest you can probably make one of these yourself, but I was just to lazy to go out and buy the materials. I think I paid around £22. For mines and it does the job perfectly.

The only dilemma you have with a transparent clutch it. What necessary items do I need that isn't offensive or odd for people to view. I have came to the conclusion that my mouth is probably the most offensive item I own, so I can petty much hold anything in this bag . . .

I would like to do a quick apology for my picture above. I was running late for work and just as I was about to run out the door, and I remembered I had not photographed it yet. The smart thing to have done should have been, bring it into work and photograph it here! I promise il add this to an outfit post and give you a better picture during the week.



  1. OMG The first pic with the transparent satchel is gorgeous!! I want to find one like that too...