Tuesday, 16 August 2011

New Dress

Yup, I'm still poor but still bought myself a new dress. But it is from Missguided and I had a 20% off discount code. So I just had to buy it.
I'm loving this wine shade at the moment. In fact, I also bought a maxi dress in the exact same colour (tomorrows post shhh!). Think it's a key shade for Autumn/Winter. Are you also digging my frazzled hair I spent an hour on this morning trying to get all the matted knots out of it. I have also ran out of conditioner and due to intensive bleaching and back combing, it's actually pretty fucked.

Dress - Missguided
Shoes - New Look

Haha! I have just realised both my dress and shoes were bought using 20% discount codes . . . I'm the discount queen!

P.S. I'm away to bleach my roots. 



  1. Your hair looks lovely! :) Loving your red dress ^^ It's always a good treat if you haven't bought something in a while. xx

  2. i love this dress so much. i ordered the bright red one which is lovely but i wish i'd waited until they'd brought out this wine coloured one. maybe i'll just have to get both haha. if your hair is fried you can't tell in pictures, it looks great. you should get some cheapo tubs of pure coconut oil, deffo helped my bleached hair out xx

  3. oh to have blonde hair again. I wrecked mine completly, crawled back to toni & guy with my tail between my legs and they brutally made it darker : (
    Love the dress btw, probs biased as I have the same one in blue


  4. You guys are lovely. Im def going to get this dress in. . .every shade lol