Monday, 15 August 2011

1st Boudoir Prive Box

Like the glossy box but a little more prestigious. I think you know it, it's the Boudoir Prives long awaited box! My pics are not fab and I can't really give you much details of the products due to my laptop crashing and having to travel to borrow a laptop for a quick post. I have forgotten to bring the leaflet thingy with me to give you 'proper' details of each item. So, today I will give you my own description!

Here are the lovely contents

A personalised hand-written note for every consumer. Brilliant! Gives the box such a personal feel and must have took ages!

Intensive Conditioner - I need, need, need this product! My hair is wrecked at the moment! From my personal experience, anyone else with bleached damaged hair try putting this on before bed and rinsing in the morning. Works a treat.

Body Butter - I'm rubbish as I can't remember the brand, sorry, but this smells YUMMY! (that's the main interest for me). Oh, and is really rich to apply to the skin so you don't need a lot and it dries in super fast.

Firming face cream - I love all firming face creams!! My face ain't going to stay young and smooth forever! So this is a must have in my bathroom!

Two perfumes - Can't remeber the names but one is just lovely and the other one is really strong, which is still nice but just not me.

Eylash treatment - which I would imagine to be fab as my lashes are pretty knackered from sticking falses on most weekends.

I also received two herbal tea samples. Can't wait to sit down to one tonight.



  1. You're brave to try a new box subscription. Glossybox left such a bad taste in my mouth, I didn't take the plunge on this. I love the handwritten note, very good look :)

  2. Ive actually cancelled this box. No real reason just think its not really for me. The handwritten note was lovely huh. Whoever wrote that must still be in agony today writing all them notes lol.