Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A little about me & today I bought

I've not really been doing much personal posts lately, I really need to get back into doing my 'today I'm wearing' posts etc, etc. So I wanted to do a little post of my favorite things at the moment.

Herbal Tea
I am turning into a herbal tea junky. I first got hooked on the old herbal teas when I was pregnant as apparently raspberry leaf tea helps with pain of labour and induce it . . . It does not! lol. Now I'm loving green tea, peppermint and fennel tea which is supposed to help with my diet (and which I really believe they are helping). Today I bought nettle tea to take on my summer festivals as it apparently helps with hangovers.

Fitting into ALL my clothes
I've lost 11 pounds so far and can now fit into everything in my wardrobe (some things are even to big for me!). So I have loads more choice when getting ready every day!
It's the weight watchers plan I am following, and even though I am dieting, I still get to eat all the things I love . . . within moderation off course.

Anyway, enough about me. Today was a stunning summers day so I went to St Andrews (Scotland) for the day. I originally went for charity shopping but sadly there was nothing that caught my eye, so I ended up in H&M and got a couple items to take with me to T In The Park festival next week.

Oversized racer back vest £4.99

Cardigan £9.99
Pic doesn't look great but is very nice on.



  1. love me some herbal tea too- so the weight watchers works then does it? Thinking about giving it a go.



  2. Weight watchers is great. Its so easy to stick to I would def recommend it to anyone


  3. Weight watcher is very nice. I Love to drink herbal tea in a afternoon because herbal tea is very good for lose the weight. You had drunk herbal tea in your pregnancy time was very best because herbal tea is very helpful during the pregnancy condition to relieve pain.
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