Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sataurday Night In

I did the sensible thing and stayed in tonight, even though at 11.30pm I'm now regretting that decision as I'm ridiculously bored! zzzz. Anyhoo, on the plus side I've been doing a bit of online window shopping and found a fantastic pair of River Island 70's inspired trousers. So thinking at a little treat to myself for being such a fantastic person. . . hmm yea, I may have to purchase these! Also noticed this pretty maxi dress on thier website for only £35.00, which I thought was a bargain. For some strange reason my card doesn't work on River Island, so thinking an early start tomorrow morning phoning around all the local branches to grab myself a pair!
As I was moaning about being so bored, and I hate to say it there is only so much Internet window shopping someone can do. To pass a little more time, I have also being doing some Youtube viewing. So here's a couple of my boyfriends films for you guys to watch, if like me your a little bored.

The Ethos of Growing Up

To Be Or Not To Be