Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Plain Jane

Everyone has to have at least one, most of us have at least ten. I'm talking about the plain, old, back to basics t-shirts and vest. A plain t-shirt or vest can complete a great look. They can be matched with absolutely anything, from jeans to skirts and one could be picked up from any fashion store from as little as £1.00.
Primark to Topshop to even Gucci have the simple basics of a plain t-shirt or vest, so they are really worth investing in, especially as we enter the summer.

The great advantages of a plain base of an outfit, such as a t-shirt or vest, is that it can be layered with accessories etc. to make into something really great. That's why I like to buy plenty plain pieces to store away in my wardrobe.....just in case.



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