Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Full Controll

Lets be honest ladies, we sometimes like to overindulge in the biscuit tin now and again and for me it always seems to be a week where I want to wear an uber tight dress. But thanks to Gok for reminding us that there is a way to fit into that skin tight dress. Oh yea, and Bridget Jones obviously, the answer to this is.........CONTROL pants! Yep ladies, it's not just the oldies that have to wear them - it's us young girls too!

Not the sexyiest garment in a girls drawer but definitely the most effective . . . trust me!


  1. LOL, LOL, have you ever read The Pioneer Woman's blog. She talks about spanx a lot too.

  2. I prefer girdles, especially ones from the 50's. They are totally hot! They help suck it in while making us look like Betty Page! Not to mention, they make for great posture!!

  3. Thank you for following me, I returned the favour :)

  4. Very true!! Ive not read that blog ill need to have a little search for it!

    Have to say the 50s girdles are a lot more appealing than my tight old spanx lol


  5. I have never worn these before. Are they comfortable?!

  6. Spanx are a necessity.