Tuesday, 25 January 2011

So little space?!?

So my boyfriend is slowly moving his stuff into my lovely (tiny) little flat. So my wardrobe space has reduced to 50% yes ladies I said 50% and around 60% drawer space, I'm feeling very blue :(. This morning I spent a good couple of hours trying to organise my scattered clothing and shoes into a compact manner (not fun at all).
I ran out and bought some shoe boxes to try clear a bit space(which it did,would def recommend getting some) and honestly threw out so much clothes (helped slightly)- and kind off put a large amount of clothing in his side of the wardrobe (hoping he wont notice).
As for the decrease in drawer space. i just threw out loads(who really needs to own 20 pairs of pjs huh)

Did I mention I hate tidy up!!!

My only dilemma is now.....where do i put the washing and ironing when its done!



  1. Aw i know what you mean! Since my boyfriend moved in i have no space, though i feel sorry for him with his clothes under the bed! And now with a baby coming what will i do! xx

  2. Lol toally! oh good luck with the baby as people buy soo much its a killer trying to put it all away somewhere bet youve went a lil crazy on stuff to)!