Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Pregnancy must haves. My tips!

I have found this pregnancy pretty thought, due to morning sickness, migraines, and the sheer shock of how quickly my body has changed.

Here are a few of my top buys to keep you comfortable and somewhat sane . . .

A bump cover

This is is perfect for the 'in between' stage, where maternity clothes are too big and normal clothes are too snug. I wear this with my work trousers it provides me with some modesty, where I don't show my colleagues my pants because I am unable to fasten my trousers. It also provides a bit of support.

Mum & Me Bath Soak

This is nice, bubbly and defiantly keeps my skin feeling smooth.


Palmers Cocoa butter tummy butter

This seems to be the only brand that's working with my skin at the moment. And so far no stretch marks!!

Palmers Cocoa butter daily facial lotion

I'm suffering from dry skin and this has been an absolute god send

Angel sounds fetal heart detector

For me this has been great and a lot of fun, from about 13 weeks it has worked perfect for me. However I do no for some people these don't work so if your considering buying please read the review, as I would imagine if this doesn't work it can be horribly scary for you.


Pregnancy pillow

Last but defiantly not least my pregnancy pillow has provided me with comfortable sleeps. Being pregnancy is so uncomfortable especially at bed time and this item is a must have! However be aware of your partner trying to steal it.


These are just a few of the things that have gotten me throughout the first five months. Anyone have any other tips, that I should be adopting to make the next four month more easier?


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  1. Great picks. I couldn't have lived without my pregnancy pillow, but at 4 days past my due date I can't find anyway of being comfortable! I would recommend Burt's Bees Mama Bee tummy butter and their foot and leg cream is amazing if you're suffering from aching legs or cramps. I also recommend buying a birthing ball. x