Saturday, 12 January 2013


Dieting has become a massive part of my life, every year I lose weight and pile it all back on. Enough is enough I'm done with dodgy diets and I'm done with unhealthy obsessions. I'm starting 2013 of by eating smart, eating foods that give me energy and just overall make me feel great.

I am starting off by cutting out rubbish, vanishing snacking (the bad snacks that it), eating home made healthy meals and finally introduce some exercise to my life.

I have decided to start ordering myself the graze boxes, they are oober yummy and will energise me throughout a tough day at work. If you want to start your healthy eating of to a great start with a FREE graze box use code - XWDFHK7T.


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  1. I've been thinking about trying graze box for a while now, they sound great! xo

  2. I'm fully recovered from Anorexia and don't diet but, I started using those last year just as a means of having healthy snacks I could carry around. It is also nice to just having something different :)