Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Detox with glossy box

The first glossy box of 2013 arrived on my door step today, full of handy goodies to start of the year.

I signed up with glossy box back when the whole craze started but unsubscribed as I felt it was a waste of my cash . . . Clearly you can see I was drawn back, main reason being it inspired me to try new products and also inspired my blogging.
Anyway as you can see the theme of this months box is 'detox'. Which is perfect for January and perfect for getting over the madness of Christmas.

Lips bee healthier - iv used this product throughout the day and already I can feel my lips getting smoother. Also it smells yummy.

Renu flash relax mask - "a one stop product for instant detox". Can't wait to sample this, I love face masks!

Balance rescue face toner - I don't use toner so this hydrating rose water one will be a good starter for me.

Normaderm 3in1 cleanser - I'm not sure on this one, I never trust anything that says they do more that one thing, for example shampoo with conditioner which never washes my hair well enough . . .

Sanctuary spa thermal mask - this is a two step mask, which to me most excited. Really can't wait to sample this!

Eye mask - I am one of those girls that occasionally uses a eye mask to help me sleep so this will come in handy.

What did you guys think of this months glossy box?


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