Friday, 9 November 2012

Shopping always helps

The other day I received some news that made me slightly sad. The job I cover at work no longer needs covering, I will have to move to another department. Bottom line is I don't want to move. So I had to buy myself some goodies to make myself happy again.

So to make myself that little bit happier, I indulged in a little Internet shopping.

Thought I would show you guys the goodies I purchased from MAC.

I've had my eye on this powder since before it was even released! It's from MACs new Holiday collection. Shade-whisper of gilt.

Again from the new Holiday collection at MAC, this is a beautiful lipstick. Shade-outrageously fun. This shade is a lot more natural shade for me compared to what I'm used to, but I love it!

Not from the Holiday range but I've been wanting a lipstick this shade for a while now. It's a gorgeous deep purple shade that will stand out perfectly on a night on the town.
Shade- rebel

Looking forward to putting my make up on tomorrow . . .


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  1. Awww, a bit of retail therapy always makes things a bit better! I love the lipsticks - WANT!

  2. That powder looks amazing! Sorry to hear about your job xx

  3. Ah thanks girls. I do feel a little better after spending a bit cash lol. Although I think a new dress would help a little 2 xxx

  4. All 3 look gorgeous! A little retail therapy always helps, I say. :D

  5. Nothing like a little retail therapy!! Lovely stuff!!

  6. I think i want to have those goodies too =) I love their shade and like you I want to try something new with my lip color. Great stuffs indeed!