Monday, 5 November 2012

Tattoos & Wedding Dresses

A debatable subject. Something I have often thought about.
Tattoos and wedding dresses? Not traditional attire but in todays society, most have tattoos and wear them with pride.
As I said, this is a subject I have often thought about, especially in the last year. Will I show my tattoos on my wedding day? Will I want to see my tattoos in my wedding pics? Me, personally, it'll be very difficult to hide a tattoo due to me having a half sleeve of artistic designs on my right arm. After reading an article in Cosmo mag, more and more woman are actually buying and designing wedding dresses to fit around their tattoos. This got me thinking, realistically if you had made a sensible, wise decision when permanently tattooing your body you should show it! Well, I wouldn't show it if it was a tattoo of sweetie bird or one of them god-awful tacky devils (sorry if you have one) or even worse you ex's name . . . That wouldn't go down well with the in-laws huh.
For me personally, my tattoo has some meaning, it relates to all my family members (the ones I like and love the most) and I drew it, so i'll be showing it with pride.
Today's society is getting more accepting of tattoos and I feel it's a form of art . . . Apart from those ugly devils people get, those are not art. . .
What's your opinion of tattoos and wedding dresses? Do you have a devil tattoo? And should I stop bitching about devil tattoos?
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