Saturday, 17 November 2012

My makeup bag (box)

I like to think I don't go over the top when it comes to buying cosmetics. I like to try new things but really I try to stick to what I like.
I stick to a lot of the same brands and really feel quality make up is worth spending that little bit extra on, as I alway tell my friends your face is the first thing people so make it a good one.

I will start of with my foundation, I use Dior forever in shade 020. I have tried many foundations and many times I have failed but this one is so good. It's natural yet has really good coverage, it also doesn't feel heavy. This foundation has increased in price over the last couple years, it now sits at £31. But I do have a cost effective tip . . . Buy it from boots or debenhans these two retailers either have good promotion on where you get extra points that can help towards future purchases, free gifts or even money off event.

From L-R.
MAC mineralise skin finish natural powder, shade medium plus
MAC glamour daze extra dimension skin finish, shade whisper of glit
MAC mineralise blush star wonder (no longer available)
Money saving tips from MAC keep all your empty pans etc as you can exchange them for a free product. I think you can exchange 6 empties for a free lipstick but don't quote me on that as I've just had a mind blank.

Benefit 'they're real' mascara. New to my collection and love it! Again buy this from debenhams of boots for great discounts and offers.
MAC pro palette eye shadows, I just purchase these as pans they're so much cheaper and take up less room. Shade gesso, silver ring and carbon (all great for smokey eyes)
HD brows palette, shade blonde. This is my fave product EVER! Hd eyebrows completely define my face. These can be purchased online or you can find a local salon that does the HD treatments.

From L-R
MAC glamour daze lipstick, shade outrageously fun
MAC pro long lipstick, shade good to go (stays on forever, great for the nights you know your going to get way too drunk that you can't apply your make up)
MAC lipstick, shade rebel (my main choice for nights out)
Smash Box lipgloss, I can't remember the shade but it's a Soft lilic.

These are they key products in my make up box. I use them daily and usually just add some false lashes for the evening.
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