Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Happy Wednesday . . . A rambling post

Happy Wednesday. . . Today I am feeling surprisingly fresh. Normally I'm like a walking zombie by this stage in the week, due to working random shift patterns but this week I have had a somewhat normal rota. Yay! Also I'm back on the old weight watchers diet so perhaps eating a better diet has put a spring In my step also. I am aiming to lose two pounds this week so have been extra strict . . . Anything to be a skinny bitch. I often ask myself when do I get to the stage in my life that I can eat what I want, gain a few pounds and not sob in the mirror. Will this ever happen?
I have been buying so much clothes this week that I hope fit me. I really don't want to put the new festive dress I have purchased from Asos on and find I can't get the zip up, then proceed to cry on the floor of my wardrobe whilst wiping my tears with the new (wrongly sized might I add) dress and stuffing my face with a bar of chocolate.

I'm dramatic. . . And sound slightly crazy. Anyway here's a pick of last nights dinner, steamed stir fry from the weight watchers frozen range (5 pro point) I know I should make it from start, however I'm lazy.


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