Thursday, 1 November 2012

Edinburgh Primark

The Primark in Edinburgh has been open for quite a while now, but I have never got round to checking it out. The main reason being is I couldn't really be bothered, it's in a busy city and will be jam packed with people . . . I'm so anti-social.
Anyway, as you can see, I finally got round to paying it a little visit. It was quite late in the day so it was really quiet as well.

I didn't really get much just some bits n bobs that prob wouldn't interest you guys. But I did however get this amazing cape blouse. It's so pretty and only cost £12. I also got this very festive knitted skirt for a cheeky £10.


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  1. I OVE the shirt, I think I may have to go and find it myself! That collar is amazing! And I love christmas prints, I get way too festival way too early!! xxxx

  2. Haha me to! I'm thinking I do need a fantastic Christmas jumper. Xx