Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Get this app! perfect for any fashion lover

You ladies have to get this app! Snap Fashion. It is an app aimed at fashion lovers on the search for the perfect catwalk or celeb outfit, on a budget.

This app is amazing!! All you do is snap an item of clothing, whether it be a girl wearing a fab outfit on the street (would recommend getting permission before photographing people) or a celeb on the red carpet. This app will search through thousands and thousands of images to get the perfect match and it even places the garments in price order, perfect for any fashionista on the move wanting a designer like piece on  a High Street budget.

Best of all, this app is free so if you hate it you are at no loss.


  1. good find, downloading now ;) xoxo avs

  2. Wow this seems like an amazing app! Such a great idea, may give it a go, thanks for sharing :D