Thursday, 23 August 2012

Festivals made easy

Available in black, red, green & navy
At long last, no longer do we have to awkwardly carry along our wellies in the mud while carrying our weekend essentials . . . Beer, baby wipes, clean pants etc.There is nothing more annoying than trying to balance everything on the fricking 10 mile all up to your camp spot. . . Ahh that's a little exaggerated but never-the-less its still a pain in the arse walk.
Hunters have answered all of our problems! The have introduced the fold away wellies!! Yay!
Just look at these bad boys, they are quite simply the best invention since the blooming light bulb!
Sadly for me, my festivals this summer have all come to an end and I'm now back at work, but I'm definitely going to be adding these to my basket on pay day.

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