Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Ahh Halloween the time of the year you can look shitty! I have such a strange obsession with zombies at the moment think its mainly due to watching the Walking Dead. I do sometimes get caught up in believing that their is going to be a massive virus take over the world and I'm going to be getting chased around by zombies. . . I so cool huh.  On that note this is a few pics of how we went out dressed on Saturday night...

I would just like to also state that this was a last minute decision to go out, which we had to improvise with many household items such as food colouring.

I did enjoy being a zombie for the evening but really did miss my bronzer!

We found ourselves highly amusing. . .Still cleaning up the mess today.



  1. Hi! :)

    Nice post, girl!. I would like to invite you for my 1st Halloween contest.



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