Sunday, 2 October 2011

Winter Booties

I have been on a serious shopping splurge this past week. But I can justify every single buy as I really, really needed EVERYTHING! I have no idea where I have put my camera so only have couple of things to show you so far, took the pics on my phone so sorry about the poor quality.

Thought I would show you my new love interest. . . These fine ass boots from Topshop. This pic really doesn't do them justice but I am completely in love with them!

Again poor pic, but picked up these fab leather gloves in Primark for a bargain £8, and this bow tie from the gentlemen section whilst Vintage shopping in Edinburgh. (cant wait to show you all my great vintage bargains from Armstrongs in Edinburgh)

I will have a good search for the camera tonight and get more pics up for your pleasure tomorrow.



  1. Those are the boots that haunt my dreams :( you have great taste chica! x

  2. I keep stroking them! Lol they make me so happy at the moment! Thanks lovely.


  3. I love those boots! Great choice!

  4. These are THEE boots to have for AW11.

    Helen, x

  5. Those boots are truly gorgeous. I've seen a lot of them around and i'm considering buying a similar pair and was wondering if you had any tips on what to wear them with as i'm clueless.

    Much Love