Monday, 1 August 2011

I have a new hobby

Yep my new hobby . . .  Activities such as swimming, walking, reading come to mind when someone says 'hobby'. But mine is swapping! It's fab and I'm noticing more and more fellow bloggers doing it. Such a brilliant idea as it really emphasises the saying 'someones rubbish can be another persons treasure'. A couple of months ago I joined a website called Make Up Alley which is a worldwide website for swapping almost anything. Last month, I was contacted by Sue over at Tokki and Oliver (check out her blog for fab beauty reviews. I'm going to end up in serious debt running out buying everything she reviews lol). We hit it off right away and decided to do a little swap. 
 So enough of my rambling guys, want to see the pics!!

Had a lovely time swapping with Sue and would definitely do it again. Sue also picked me up a few items I've been badly needing and wanting for ages.

So thanks again Sue



  1. I agree, it's a really good way to spend time ^^

  2. omg that's a brilliant swap! So many goodies! I always wanted to do this as I love receiving and sending parcels, but haven't found the time. Hope to participate in the future

  3. i have wanted to do this for so long !
    will try this website and see if i can find someone :)
    Thank you !

  4. I'm so glad you could use some of this stuff
    I had so much fun too!!