Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Today Im wearing

Top - Primark
Shorts - Asos

Another little outfit post. A boring one I know but today was the first of me getting out my bed. Anyway this is what I wore to wave my boyfriend off onto his flight to Benicassim ( I get peace for a whole week yay!!)

Also keep your eyes peeled (that word sounds painfull) for my blog sale on Thursday 6pm UK time. Need to clear out my wardrobe and cosmetics.


  1. Wellll ooh lala! Doesn't someone look bloody AMAZING?! I love this outfit poppet! Can't wait for the blog sale either - Exciting times! xxx

  2. Such a cute outfit :) Followed. :) xx

  3. Noo i love it & that top is so cute, i love primark.

    & how the hell do you guys do black and white pics with colour??? haha x

  4. the shirt is so lovely. I like your blog. I found it through the post wherein you won a giveaway :D