Saturday, 2 July 2011

My E.L.F Goodies arrived today!

Remember I mentioned that E.L.F had 50% off everything, well I did buy one or two things which arrived today. I haven't read great reviews about E.L.F's packaging methods such as burst bottles, broken lipsticks etc etc. But I did find that they packaged my items really really well.

I haven't properly used any of the items yet only just tested them slightly. There is one or two of the items I am not convinced about such as the lipstick which isn't as pictured (in the picture it was bright, but in 'real life' its very dark and rich). Also, the HD powder is pictured on the website as being clear and light however it does have a strong tan pigment to it. I do however LOVE the brushes and eyeshadow set they work very well together and the eye shadows have a brilliant pigment to them.
All these items should have cost £60+ but only cost me £30ish so I'm pleased with that. At that price you can easily experiment with the brand.



  1. Wow, only £30! Great buy!

  2. Wow, 50% Off.... you're so lucky!

  3. Looks like you got some great stuff!!

  4. Brilliant bargain! sign up to their news letter for the next offer.


  5. Una canción dedicada copn toooodo mi amor:

    Es nuevo y mi estreno! Espero que os guste!

  6. Fab bargain :smile:.

    Sadie x