Monday, 20 June 2011

Sale, Sale, Sale!

Vero Moda Print and Plain Denim Smock Dress

The other day I noticed on the asos facebook page that if you do some tasks such as tweet or play games then you can push your way to the front of the queue for their sale. So obviously I worked my butt off to get a space in this queue(haha, I got down to 448). I got this lovely denim dress I have been eyeing up for £19! Got a couple other little bits and pieces, nothing too exciting but I will be sure to show you guys when they arrive.

Also again I'm going to bore you guys by asking you all to vote for me in the MissGuided facebook competition. All you do is 'like' my look. Simples!



  1. I'm doing really well with my shopping ban, but these sales are sooo tempting.
    Have Liked your look, btw. Hope you win!

  2. Well my shopping ban is not going great I went out friday and saturday and bought a load of clothes lol. Thanks for voting for me.