Tuesday, 14 June 2011

One for the guys

Brit Pop, yep Brit Pop. Anyone remember it?
 I remember it slightly. Think of bands such as Blur, The Verve, Oasis and clothing such as the over sized parkas and you've got it. The 'Brit Pop' era began in the early 90's. What got me reminiscing of this past time was that Paul Weller (lead singer of The Jam) has 'designed' a range for Liam gallagher's highly successful fashion brand 'Pretty Green'. Paul Weller has designed a small collection of six limited edition pieces. The pieces are ok-ish.. very Brit Pop-ish and I reckon they'll sell like chocolate cakes outside a weight watchers meeting (pretty darn fast!). But I do think they'll only sell because it's 'Paul Weller' but I prefer the original Pretty Green collections. I think they're a lot more universal and would suit any guy.

The collection will be available from the 23rd of June.


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