Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Dress review and newly customised

Anyone that reads my posts would have noticed that I ordered this dress from www.missguided.co.uk. It arrived the other day and to be honest I was pretty unimpressed, it was rather poorly made. Some of the buttons was sewn on the wrong way, it was also a bit frayed in some parts. But really I cant complain too much it only cost £21.60 as I had 10% discount code with free delivery.
So most of us will know the saying "you cant put glitter on shit" but in this case you actually can.  All I done was change the nasty plastic buttons and trimmed away the excess threads it had all over it, and it now looks half decent.





  1. That dress is so pretty, too bad about the low quality, though. But it does look really spiffy after you added the gold buttons.

    I recently bought 2 Very similar dresses like that from a wholesale website. It's in my haul post on my blog if you're interested. One's long sleeved, the other's short :)