Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Little shopping spree

Hi petals
Sunday I felt in the mood for a little retail therapy. I'm slightly low on the cash this month due to my sons birthday, then the boyfriends and my beloved tumble dryer breaking.

so here is what I managed to get with my little fashion budget.

Topshop checked shirt £28.
Primark floral shirt £8.

Primark Cropped vest £5.
Primark velvet bag £8.
Primark shorts £8.

Primark horse buckle belt £2.

Primark sandals £8.

So was a pretty good days shopping. Primark was full of goodies, I could have bought loads more...aww



  1. heya chica did you get my comments about your parcel? x

  2. aw hopefully your have more to spend next month! Primarks great on a budget though isnt it, love the horse belt x

  3. Yea I noticed it yesterday, at college. I had an idea it had been sent back, my friend posted stuff to me and it got returned to her. Been having probs with my post at the moment been having to write to royal mail. Im sorry for being a pain.

  4. Welcome back and great haul!

  5. Great buys! I love your Primark shorts. I agree with you that Primark is so full of goodies for spring/summer

  6. thats okay :) just worried incase you were like eh where's my package haha! should i re-post it to you? x