Thursday, 7 April 2011

boo to sky

Hey guys,
Just a short post yet again as I'm writtin this on the old blackberry.
Any way I thought it would be a good idea to change my internet tv etc from virgin
To sky.. BIG mistake I now have no internet for 2weeks, the staff at sky did not put
My order throught correctly 3months ago so now I'm left with nothing lol. Not sure how
Ill cope without my daily internet fix.

Sooo posts will be very limited but I'll try keep them some what regular so you guys don't
Foreget me lol.

Excuse the spelling and grammer I'm strugglin to read this its so small



  1. Hope everything gets well soon!

  2. hey i got your package retured to me toady saying not called for :s x

  3. Adrienne i was wondering what had happened to it, another of my packages got returned to Iv been having probs with my posty I very rarely get my post on time or at all at the moment.

    Anyway still no internet so no posts any time soon