Saturday, 19 March 2011

Dior Ad

I'm not a huge fan of Kate Moss. . but I am indeed a huge Dior make up fan, especially the Dior Forever Extreme wear foundation (which is amazing, I highly recommend). Anyway back to the good stuff, tonight was the first of me watching the new Dior, Kate Moss advert and I thought it was really good, I was glued to it like it was a good film. Kate Moss looked elegant and classy in this vid (which I have never seen before),Have a look if you've not yet seen it.

An intresting fact for you guys, the director of this advert is called Jonas Akerlund. Who directed the controversal music video for The Prodigy, smack my bitch up.



  1. Hi! You've got an award :) Check out my blogpost to see why xxx

  2. wow, one guy can do such different things! i'm not a huge fan of Kate either, but I do like this :) xoxo avs