Thursday, 24 February 2011


 Today Ive been feeling a little under the weather, so had to come home and go straight back to bed this morning. So after a good nap, a few painkillers and some red bull I had to go and pick up the wee man from nursery. But on the way I popped into the chemist for some remedies to get me back on my feet. . .  as you can see I got myself some nail polish and a chocolate mask.
Just really wanted to let you guys know how lovely this face mask was, smelt AMAZING and I still smell it on my skin 2hours hater. It has such a lovely thick texture, spreads along the skin really lovely and one sachet can prob be 2-3 applications. Best part still to tell you all. . . it only cost £1.00

Was so tempted to take a pic of it on, but didn't want to freak any of you out lol.

Also the nail polished i picked up were the Barry M 311 nail effects (crackle), Barry M 303 fuchsia and Barry M 150 red glitter (one of my fave polished ever)



  1. Oooh I have red glitter and crackle effect too - love both but the glitter is so hard to get off!


  2. It is so hard to get of huh. Lol.

    The mask was amazing honestly smelt sooo good and left my skin so soft.


  3. I used this last night, and there was enough to put on my mum and her friend too! It was amazing, and left my skin feeling super soft!