Monday, 21 February 2011

Roll on Pay Day

I have hit a writing brick wall . . . I cannot get into work mode! I have no idea what the hell is wrong with me! For example, I have to have 30 design sketches completed for my commercial design class on Thursday . . . I've only done 6! Also, have to be halfway through my main report to determine my year grade . . . I've done an introduction! So I really really need to get my head out the clouds ASAP!
   But anyway, rather than bore you lovely people with my lazy approach to work, there is one thing I'm looking for - and that's payday! So I can get some retail therapy on the cards yay!! Here's a few little items I have my eyes on.

The affordable vintage fair is heading to Edinburgh on the 5th of march, so Il definitely be heading to that!

I'm desperately needing to spend some cash at the MAC counter. Maybe a few eyeshadows and a lovely pink lipstick.

Obviously can't forget the new Wonder Woman range at MAC, going to give the blusher a little try.

Love these Topshop sunglasses, get me set for the spring!

And finally, been wanting this book for ages now but been busy reading the 'Shopaholic' series so put off buying it until now. Heard great things about it so can't wait to get my nose into this read!



  1. I've read this book and it's great. One of the best I've read in the last couple of years (and I read a lot!). You will love it too, I'm sure :)


  2. you have got me even more excited to read it!! cant wait!