Friday, 4 February 2011

P.S I miss you blush

 "I hate cosmetics companies. They get you addicted to the perfect lipstick or nail polish and then 6 months later, they discontinue it. You have to buy your favorite colors like your storing up for the Apocalypse"
P.S I Love You

Why does this happen??? Its so unfair.I know I know it's to keep us wanting more, but c'mon!!! MAC being the worst. I bought the MAC two virtues blush last march and it was amazing so I bought another one, but they sadly ran out a few months ago and I can't get it again or anything even close to it. But on the positive, the new wonder woman range has a blush that looks to be a little bit similar (I hope).


  1. Have you tried ebay? or do you not want to buy online? :)

  2. Yeah, MAC is ridiculous for that. Which is one of the reasons I try to only buy from the permanent line... ahh! Frustrating!

  3. yea found it on ebay, went to buy it and it had been sold lol. Typical