Tuesday, 8 February 2011

I heart you sales!

Check out my lovely £8.00 Dorothy Perkins shoes!!
Reduced from £35.00 (even at that I thought was a good price) to £10.00 then 20% student discount- great huh. I'm so tempted to go back and see if they have any other colours. Also while I'm talking about my bargain Dorothy Perking shopping spree i got this necklace for £2.40 reduced from £11.00


Dorothy Perkins wasn't usually a shop I went to, but is definitely one Ill be in often now especially sale seasons!

So can safely say it was a great day off shopping for me!


  1. They're lovely!! What a great color, and I love that the heel is slightly thicker as well as high. I recently found a "rubbish tote" from Dorothy Perkins on the internet where recycled, sterilized rubbish is woven into a tote bag. It's the coolest thing!!

    *Claudia* x
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  2. Wow that sound really great. I'm going to have a lil online search for one of those!