Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines


Happy Valentines!

Here's some little pics of my weekend.

Funny story, whilst propping up the bar on my 'romantic' weekend, we were informed by the bar staff that my boyfriend and I had the 'honeymoon' suit. As you can see we made full use out of this room with the wine bottle scattered around lol.

My very poor attempt at home baking. Broke the scales (so had to guess the measurements and got fed up mixing icing, so just slapped it on)

Some very pretty heart shaped pancakes.

Oh yea and.....PRESENTS!!!



  1. Wow that was lucky that you got the Honeymoon suit!

  2. Hey, thanks for following my blog! Im just having a read through yours now! Im just leaving a comment to say as I changed my blog adress briefly this week, my posts wont show up in your dashboard anymore, so you would need to unfollow then follow again to see them (if you still do that is!) Sorry to be a pain! x

  3. They must off liked the look of us lol!