Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Designer vs High Street 3

Ive done a couple of designer vs high street posts so far, and they have been pretty popular so here's another one!

Donna Karan sequin top costing £1,255 and the Topshop sequin top costing £38.00. Not an exact match but very similar and a fraction of the price!

Oliver People geek chic glasses costing a whopping £190.00 and New Looks incredible double costing a respectable £5.00 ( for a fad item you really dont want to be paying crazy cash)

This beautiful Valentino cotton dress costing a massive £1,525 and a similar ASOS cotton dress costing £28.00

So again like Ive said before, you dont need to have crazy cash in your pocket to buy catwalk style clothes!



  1. my sister does a very similar post on our blog! these are all great pics!

  2. A lovely post!

  3. its so crazy the difference in prices xxxx

  4. I love the sequin tops. Fabulous! :)