Thursday, 13 January 2011

To Jump

Ive been considering buying a jumpsuit for so long now, but had the massive concerns to whether ill look like I'm wearing my PJ's, will it look too tight on me and will it fit me in length.
Long story short i bought it, not yet tried it on (fear i think, in case i hate it) But it does look very pretty huh.
India Floral Print Jumpsuit
Purchased it from and it only cost a cheap as chips £18. Never bought anything from boohoo before its never been a website that has interested me until now. The only down sides is their sizing method on a lot of clothing, its either s/m or m/l. Also i bought it 3days ago then received a email today giving free delivery......i could have saved £3.99 lol.



  1. Perfect website for jewellery to work with this bargain out fit!

    Check Out

  2. I've never purchased from there either, but it is a site I visit frequently. I have 4 or 5 items on my wardrobe wishlist from there. I'm more a fan of playsuits than jumpsuits, but the colors of that are beautiful! So, any idea when you'll slink into it?

  3. Me to its a website I browse often,but have never bought anything from.I think probably next week sometime. I think you should def give the website a try my jumpsuit is so well made for the price etc.


  4. fabulous jumpsuit, perfect for spring! i love these as they are instant outfits.