Saturday, 15 January 2011

The price of beauty

I was doing my house work today and, as I was cleaning my bathroom, I couldn't believe how much beauty products I purchase and actually do believe these products will better my life lol (crazy huh). My item range from firming creams, slimming aids to hair removal. I doubt I'm the only person who feels the need to buy into so many products thinking Ill transform into a model after using them.

These pics do not include what i have packed in a drawer.

I'm actually pretty ashamed of myself buying into so much, but to be honest most of this stuff,  I do genuinely believe in apart from the tony and guy shampoo but that's another post.........


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  2. Heya :) just wanted to say hey and thank you for following me :)
    and I do that I buy things thinking I'm going to look like adrianna lima sadly half way through a thousand and 10 bottles I still look like adrienne from the block....bad times haha! x

  3. 1 Day i will relise that buying all this isnt actually going to make me any better lol