Tuesday, 4 January 2011

my fave foundation

My all time favorite foundation has to be DIOR FOREVER. It is so good and has amazing coverage without looking too heavy. I usually purchase it from DEBENHAMS for around £28.00 and it is worth every penny!! only down side is when i think the bottle is almost finished I have to burst the lid off it to get a few more days out it as the pump doesnt quite get all the left overs(especially at that price you want every last piece of it)

My runner up foundation RIMMEL RECOVER foundation. Which is actually also really good and only costs around £7.00. Real bargain and is handy to have in your make up bag also seems to last for ages too. It apparently has 'energy boost TM complex, re plumps and replenishes the complection' which is relistic terms IT WORKS FANTASTIC ON HUNGOVER SKIN!.

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  1. I've heared so many good things about rimmel foundation. kind of sad i can't have it :(