Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I recieved an award!

So yesterday I received an award from Tazz-  http://veritalane.blogspot.com/ (brilliant and very talented writer). I'm really chuffed that she thought of me to pass this on to so thanks again. Anyhoo I am supposed to tell you guys seven things about myself and then pass this onto fifteen other bloggers. Their is a few blogs I follow religiously (but ill tell you them at the end for that extra suspense)
  1. I have a massive attraction to front men in bands especially Liam Fray (the courteeners) and Mick Jagger (odly enough he looks really handsome as the years go by)
  2. I have a two year old son who is sure enough becoming a mini fashionista.
  3. I HATE tidying up and my boyfriend often has to pick up after me.
  4. The second I enter my house i have to put on my pjs.
  5. I love to rake through charity shops and even quite like the old damp smell you get in some charity shops.
  6. I talk in my sleep and can often be heard mumbling phrases such chicken tikka or laughing.
  7. I feel the need to visit online shops every day such as topshop and asos, to then add clothes and shoes to my basket for me to buy when I get paid.

Ok so now the fifteen bloggers I want to pass this onto. Well I cant really pick fifteen because I don't yet follow as many blogs. But here is a run down of of my top blogs I want to pass this award onto.

  1. http://veritalane.blogspot.com/ - This is Tazz who passed this award onto me but i would hand on heart gave this award to her. She has a great way of writing and keeping me entertained as i read her blog
  2. http://dollythebird.blogspot.com/ - Dolly the bird. I love her vintage inspired blog and her love for mod. Also I had a little smile when she started one of her posts with "my dear" which i thought was lovely.
  3. http://wickeddchildd.blogspot.com/ - The most recent blog i have started to follow, which was because of her lovely choice of images and how most of the things she blogs i can relate to.

So bit of a poor show only picking three, but I am relatively new to blogger circle and these are my three blogs I really do enjoy reading.



  1. Aww thank you very much for the lovely comments on here! Oh, and you're welcome :)


  2. Cheers, my dear! I love your blog as well...oooo, and Mick Jagger!!... ;)