Sunday, 9 January 2011

Designer vs High Street

Who doesnt love the look of a designer piece. but if like me you cant always afford to snatch up a designer piece you have to find a High Street alternative. Here is a few key pieces i thought you would like to have in your wardrobe!

This popular style necklace is becoming a noticeable accessory in many girls wardrobe. The 1st image is Stella McCartney costing £175 and the second image is Topshop costing around £12.

Image 1 of ASOS '70s Belted Mac

Image one is Burberry trench coat costing £695. and image two is ASOS belted mac costing £70. You can see great similarities in both these coats.

The skull scarf i can safely say has been a wardrobe must have for years now and is a Alexander McQueen staple piece. Image one costs £120. from selfridges, etc and image two costs £19.99 from River Island.

And my personal fave the ring clutch bag. Image one Alexander McQueen costing approx £1500 and image two costing approx £25. from River Island. This is what I'm hoping to find on my shopping trip this week.(wish me luck ill update you guys if i get one!)


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the necklaces! Would you believe I have a vintage stickpin of my grandmother's from the '70s that is an almost perfect match? It's a little gold purse with a butterfly on it that opens up to reveal a little gold note that says "I Love You". I need one of these necklaces now!! It'll have to be the TopShop one, though...skint!

  2. I love raking through my grans wardrobe, find loads of great stuff huh.
    Me too! Ive even been on ebay trying to find it cheaper....with no luck :( lol


  3. I have been lusting after that alexander mcqueen clutch, and your find is an amazing swap!!

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