Thursday, 6 January 2011

1st day back was so stressfull :(

Had such a hard day today, had a stress free 2 weeks off there and went back today to be hit with a load of deadlines for projects and reports (aww i hear you all say) So my plan is to work my little butt of over the weekend to get them all done, but for tonight I'm going to relax with a hot chocolate and my new vogue (which was waiting on my door step when i arrived home today. 
Victoria Beckham February Vogue
Is it just me or is this not just a horrible cover for this months issue??? They do have an article on Alexander McQueen which i cant wait to have a read and a few pieces of clothing to drool over.



  1. Had to comment because of the mention of Alexander McQueen - my absolute faaavourite designer :) I've got so many exams atm that I'm trying to stop myself from buying magazines this month, but I may have to get this now.

    Are you studying fashion journalism?


  2. I love him 2 McQueen and Chanel have to b my faves, 1 day Tazz i will own many of their items lol. Its fashion business I'm doing I'm just swamped between now and may. Is it fashion journalism your studying? You have to get yourself vogue for your break