Wednesday, 24 November 2010

My Weekend Suitcase

Check out my weekend suitcase contents! Im heading to classy Skegness for a festival, or more to the point im going just to see the Courteeners! Soooo excited and have no idea what to wear so i've packed loads of clothes just in case, never know they might ask me to join them on tour (sigh). Heading for two nights and here's a breakdown of what I'm taking.

                                     ( I will obv tidy this lot)
 6 pairs of shoes
 4 dresses
 2 pairs of shorts
 5 pairs of tights
 4 tops
 4 bags
 1 leather jacket
 1 tweed jacket
 And the usual essentials St tropez, a number of designs of pants/thongs/spanx to suit each outfit, jewellery, sewing kit (a must have!), obviously my winter essentials (apparently there will be snow....), the smellys eg perfume & MAKE UP!!!! to keep me  looking extra hot. lol. And so on and on and on. Oh, almost forgot, the champagne is cooling in the fridge!

Also purchased a great pair of topshop heels today but you cant see them in this pic (oops). But they are really nice.

I will update you guys with all my photos and gossip from the weekend.

Ashley xxx

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