Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The Button Box

Ok first ever post!!

Thought the best way to start my blog was to explain my name 'the button box'. I thought of the name because the other day there i was thinking about my grans old button box which i grew up shaking and searching through the old shiny buttons that belonged to my grans gran. Even the container they are stored in has a story to tell. I think most peoples Granny's and mums have the trusty old button box (which I'm now even starting one myself but will never reach the spectacular level of my old grans).

A fine example of how great the old button box is last Friday night at a gig my button completely fell of my fave cord shorts. I was on my hands and knees searching for it but a great thought came to my head -why search on the manky beer and cider covered floor when i can just pop round to my grans and get a nice shiny button. So that's what i did. Now my shorts look a thousand time better than they did before that gig!

You can always find a button from a treasured item which can appear in your wardrobe for years to come so don't just throw out your old worn away clothing keep pieces of them that will enhance a new treasured garment.
                                                                   My poor collection
Thanks for reading guys
Ashley xxx

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